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We have a few videos taken at dances in our area which were organised by the club or where club members had a significant presence.

The next two videos taken on 22nd February 2014 at Churchdown Community Centre with Neil Whiston calling.  The first is a Mainstream tip and the second at Plus level.

Tip for users unfamiliar with YouTube videos:
When the video has started playing, click on this icon (bottom right) to display the video fullscreen.  You can then click on this cogwheel icon to change the video playback quality. Select one of the HD settings (720p or 1024p) if your monitor will support it for a high quality playback.

We also have two videos taken at Chosen Hill School, Churchdown on 19 July 2014 with Thorston Geppert calling.

We had a coach load of guests from Germany at this dance.

Some club members attended a dance hosted by Corinium Squares at Cirencester Deer Park School, on the occasion of their 26th birthday.  The caller here is Alan Covacic.  (Underlined text are Internet links).

Finally, here is a clip from our club’s dance at Churchdown Community Centre on 21 February 2015.

This video was taken on 27th February 2016 at our club’s dance at Sacred Hearts church hall, Cheltenham with James Wyatt calling Plus.