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Last amended:- At A.G.M. on 23rd July 2004


1. The Club shall be known as Cheltenham Swinging Squares. The object of the Club is to provide square dancing in a spirit of friendliness and co-operation, affording each member the opportunity of sharing in Club responsibilities.

2. The Club shall be affiliated to the British Association of American Square Dance Clubs. (B.A.A.S.D.C.)


3. Full membership shall be open to all adult members of the public who have successfully completed a course of instruction leading to graduation at the mainstream plateau of modern American square dancing.

4. Associate membership shall be granted to children and young persons aged between 10 years and 18 years subject to the approval of the Committee who will take into account the balance of female and male dancers relative to that required for and compatible with comfortable dancing and shall limit the number of children between the ages of 10 and 14 years to approximately 12½ % of the total Club membership. Associate members will not be entitled to voting rights and will only pay 75% of the annual subscription.

5. Honorary membership shall be granted at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

6. Members of the Club shall be liable to exclusion from the Club at the discretion of the Executive Committee by a majority vote if the member's conduct is such that it is in the opinion of the Executive Committee detrimental to the objectives of the Club.

Executive Committee

7. The Club's affairs shall be managed by the Executive Committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Catering Officer and three Ordinary Members, who, with the exception of the Treasurer, shall be elected annually by a ballot of the membership and shall remain in office until the end of the following A. G. M. The Treasurer shall be appointed by the current Committee and shall assume office at the beginning of the financial year. His or her appointment is to be ratified at the subsequent A.G.M. The Club Caller shall be appointed by the membership and shall be a full member of the Committee.

Duties of the officers shall be:-

Chairman - Convene and preside over Committee and General Meetings. In case of tied vote in committee the Chairman shall hold the casting (deciding) vote.

Secretary - Responsible for all Club correspondence, publications to the membership and minutes of all meetings.

Treasurer - Responsible for managing the Club finances. When possible shall restrict Club expenditure to maintain a free balance of £800. Reduction of the balance below this figure shall require approval of the Committee. He shall submit a yearly balance sheet to the Annual General Meeting. Before this meeting the accounts shall be audited by a person selected by the committee and who need not be a Committee member.

Public Relations Officer - Responsible for all publicity and external publications.

Catering Officer - Responsible for organising catering at all Club events. Club Caller - Advise on all matters of music and dancing

Sub-Committees shall be appointed as necessary by the Committee from Club members with the agreement of those concerned.

Five members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.

8. Executive Committee members shall normally be required to serve for not less than one year. Elections and re-elections shall normally be held at the Annual General Meeting. Should a Committee member resign before the A.G.M. the Committee shall co-opt a replacement to serve for the remainder of the term of the re signing officer should such a period of time merit it.

9. Nominations must be received by the Secretary at least seven days before the A.G.M.

10. A Committee member may be asked to resign by a unanimous vote of the remainder of the Committee subject to 30 days notice to the membership.


11. Any member on request to the Secretary, may have access to the minutes of any Committee meeting.

12. The Annual General Meeting shall be called as near as possible to the end of the dancing season. The business of the A.G.M. shall be conducted by those Committee and other members present.

13. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by not less than one third of the member-ship ship after not less the thirty (30) days notice to the Secretary. Such a meeting may be called by the Committee with fourteen (14) days notice to the membership.

14. The Club financial year shall be concurrent with the dancing year and subscriptions are due on the day following the end of the season and payable not later than September 30th. Failure to pay by September 30th shall result in lapse of membership. The annual subscription shall be decided by a majority at an Extraordinary or Annual General Meeting.

15. This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of those eligible members submitting ballots or present and voting and any proposed amendment must be put in writing and signed by eight (8) Club members.

Any proposals that may change the Club format, frequency of dancing, levels, learners should be with your Management Committee with the requisite signatures at least 14 days prior to any A.G.M. for inclusion on the Agenda. Failure to do so would make it inadmissible for discussion at that Meeting. The final decision on the viability and night of any beginners (learners) classes will rest with the Executive Committee.

16. Children and young persons under 16 must be accompanied throughout all Club functions by either a parent or a responsible adult acting `in loco parentis'.

17. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, the following action shall be taken:-

a) If they are willing, all the Committee members at that time are to become Trustees of the Club's funds and assets. If less than five Committee members are willing to accept positions, then nominations shall be sought from those Club members attending the winding-up meeting (Annual General or Extraordinary), to ensure a board of Trustees of five members if possible.

b) The Club's assets are to be disposed of, at the discretion of the Trustees and any income therefrom is to be deposited in the Club's account with the Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society or whatever other account the Club may have at that time.

c) After payment of any outstanding debts and liabilities, any balance of funds is to remain in that account for a maximum period of five years from the date of the winding-up meeting.

d) If, within the five year period, the Trustees become aware of the revival of Cheltenham Swinging Squares Modern American Square Dance Club, with the adoption of the Constitution in force at the date of dissolution, and offering activities which include the instigation of a beginners course and a programmed of a least basic plateau dancing, they shall make those funds, together with any accrued interest, available to that Club to use in the furtherance of Modern American Square Dancing in the area. If no such Club come to notice within those five years, such funds are to be given to whichever local charity or charities the Trustees shall decide.

Footnote to Item 15:- Club Format as at 22nd July, 1994:-

Dancing weekly normally every Friday.  Levels - Mainstream with Pre-Announced Plus. Learners Classes conducted annually.