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    Our club has a membership of about 50 people.  To be healthy, we are looking to increase this to 70, but hope to lower our average age!!!   Square dancing is an activity suitable for all ages from 10 up to 90. Family groups, singles, couples will all be very welcome.

The club meets regularly on Friday evenings, though some of the more experienced dancers meet also on Wednesday. We have close ties with Cirencester and Thornbury square dance clubs., and a small club in Tewkesbury who meet twice a month on Wednesday afternoons

It takes around 30 weeks to thoroughly learn the Mainstream moves, enabling you to be comfortable at local dances, and as square dancing is built on teamwork, it needs a regular commitment to be successful.

We will provide booklets describing all the moves, and you will be able to find video tutorials to help you also. However once you ‘graduate’ a whole future of Saturday or weekend dances are open to you across the local area, nationally or internationally! Do explore our website to find out more information

Dress code for club nights is informal. Tradition has it that men wear long sleeves (so the lady does not have to get hold of rough hairy arms!!), but what you are most comfortable with is good. At formal dances, many ladies dress up in bright dancing skirts, because it add an extra dimension of fun, men add collar studs and bolos to their shirts, but dancers are encouraged to wear what they are comfortable with.

Club nights are held on Friday evenings, starting as close to 7:30 as possible. Cost for members is £3.50 per night, which includes drink and refreshments at the interval. Friday club dancing runs from 7:30 through to 10:00.

                      Also, read about the health benefits.


Lessons for the coming year 2020 will start

If and only when we can find 8 New Dancers. We currently have 4 interested, but still require a further four. Please do contact us if interested

Holy Apostles Church Hall

No previous experience required - if you can walk you can square dance!

If you are interested in introducing square dancing to anyone in the
8 to 18 age range, please use this contact us  to discuss options.

Make Time to Square Dance

Watch this You Tube video for more information

Any Ages welcome

What is Square Dancing?  ….. in brief: