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 Session 1

Circle Left/Right

Forward and Back


Wheel Around


Star Left/Right


Allemande Left/Arm Turns

Right & Left Grand/   Weave the Ring

Ladies Chain

Rollaway  /  ½ sashay

Session 2

Lead Right/Left

Veer Left/Right

Bend the Line

California Twirl


Session 3

Pass Thru

Double Pass Thru

U-Turn Back

Slide Thru   Star Thru

Right & Left Thru

Session 4


Grand Square

Ladies in Men Sashay/1/2 Sashay

Alamo Style

Swing Thru

Session 5


Trade By


Learn Square Dancing in 12 Lessons @ Cheltenham

In order to attend local Saturday evening dances, it is necessary to “graduate”. This involves knowing and being reasonably proficient with all the Mainstream Moves. In our 12 week course, we aim to covers most, but not all  the complete Mainstream Programme. Video Clips are included courtesy of Saddlebrook Squares. Note their teaching order is not the same, but the videos are very informative.

Order of Teaching.:

Session 6

Chain Down the line

Square thru

Wheel & Deal (out facing lines)

Wheel & Deal (two faced line)


Session 7

Touch ¼ / Hinge

Scoot Back

Ferris Wheel

Session 8

Pass to the Centre

Centres In

Cast Off ¾’s

Session 9

Pass the Ocean


Session 10

Fold/Cross Fold

Spin the Top

Session 11


Sweep a Quarter

Session 12

Flutter Wheel/Reverse Flutter

Tag the Line/Half Tag

Other Mainstream Moves not covered in 12 lesson Introduction

8 Chain thru/4

All around your corner  and see saw your own

Allemande Thar  


Slip the Clutch  

Shoot the star

Circle to a Line

Box the Gnat

Walk & Dodge

Pass to the Centre

Dixie style to an Ocean Wave

Split the outside couple and..

Spin Chain Thru

Link for your own copy of the 10 week Progress Chart

Please complete on a weekly basis bring to the class and use it to give feedback on moves you need to more practice with


It is important to sometimes know the “Definition” of each move, in order that you can complete it successfully from a variety of positions. You can find and print off these definitions if it helps you!

With thanks to Peter Wright & Colin Walters