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In American Square Dancing, If you are in the 10-25 year old age range, you are often known as “Buffaloes”.

Here at Cheltenham, we currently are very keen to encourage younger people to join us.

You might want to start an Activity as part of a Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

You might be at the University, and want to socialise outside the confines of the campus.

You might simply be curious to know more about square dancing.

Come and give square dancing a try. You will find all square dancers, despite their age, are all teenagers at heart, just simply the joints and the brain do not work so fast!    If you come with a group of 8, you will be able to socialise with the older generation as well as dance with others of your own age….so the moral is, bring your friends!

The following link, from Massachusets Institute of Technology shows what can be enjoyed and achieved :   Tech Squares

This 12 lesson link will take you to a page listing the content to be learned within a 12 lesson format. Learn these moves and you will be able to join in dances with others club members, but you will then need to complete learning all the Mainstream moves if you are to “graduate” so as to be able to dance anywhere in the World!

Learn to square dance well, you can then learn to become a caller and earn up to £250 for a Saturday night dance and maybe £60 an evening if you call at a club evening. What are you waiting for…..? Visit us and find out more