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1. THOU SHALT square dance only for the fun which thee will find in it

2. THOU SHALT NOT be a snob, considering thyself too good to dance with any and all, sitting out mixers or leaving a square lest thou be required to dance with those whom thou deemest unworthy of thy talents, for the gods of retribution are zealous gods, and they will visit their mischief upon thee, and thou will be the one to goof the square.

3. THOU SHALT be exuberant, but thou shalt act thy age, so not to offend others by thy high flung legs and out flared skirts.

4. THOU SHALT go abroad and dance with other callers so that thy opinions expressed as to the merit of this one and that one is based on facts.

5. THOU SHALT NOT let the stranger in thy midst sit on the side-line and cool his heels, nor fail to speak to him

6.  THOU SHALT bathe diligently that the sweet aroma of soap and shaving lotion may assail the nostrils of others

7. THOU SHALT take care that thy words of thy mouth are not scented with garlic, onions or beer.

8. THOU SHALT honour thy club and give thy loyalty, for if thou canst not do this it be better to separate thyself from it and join thyself to another, whose methods, members and callers are more to thy liking

9. THOU SHALT NOT kill thy club with bickering and fault finding

10. THOU SHALT NOT forget that thou were once a beginner